How To Recover Deleted Files On PC?

Ujjwal Murmu
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how to recover deleted files
Recover Deleted Files

Have you deleted your files mistakenly or by accident? And do you want to recover those deleted files? If you are reading this post, the answer would probably be “Yes”. But the question is How to recover deleted files? So let’s see the answer to this question.

To recover deleted files on MAC, it is the same software that is used to recover deleted files on Windows. So the method I’m going to show is the same as recovering deleted files on Windows 10 using Disk Drill Recovery Software. And the Method would be to recover deleted files on windows 10. The process is the same on both.

Before starting the data recovery process, keep in mind that this program will not 100% recover your files because sometimes it fails to detect the data on blocks. So the data recovery rate is up to 90% and not 100%. It will recover almost all of your files that are commonly used in daily life, like Audio files, Video files, Images, PDF documents, WORD documents, TXT documents, and Zip files. These are the deleted file types that I have personally tested recovering. So yeah, it does recover your deleted files if the data is not trimmed from the data blocks.

Now let’s begin the data recovery process. If you want a video guide I will also provide you that.

#1. First of all, Download and Install Disk Drill Recovery Software for Windows or MAC

Disk Drill Recovery Software

#2. Open Disk Drill as Administrator on Windows and simply open on MAC.

#3. Now, here you should see all drives present and connected to your PC, select a drive that you want to recover deleted files from.

disk drill recovery program

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